Joy Autumn - 'Go'

Joy Autumn - Press Photo 1.jpg

Indie pop singer-songwriter Joy Autumn strikes with breathtaking emotion on new single, 'Go', taken from her upcoming EP,  'Midnight'.'

Go' sees Joy Autumn's hushed,intimate vocal open the song with a touching dignity, inviting her listener into the heartfelt narrative of her song immediately. Feeling luxurious yet not over-embellished, the track has a spacious quality to it, all the while simmering with a spectacular cinematic undercurrent that bleeds solemn beauty.

Joy Autumn combines atmospheric, traditional and contemporary orchestral textures to create a minimal yet dramatic feel to the piece. The conflicted feelings, the sadness, the raw beauty, the hopelessness, the longing, is embedded into every element of the song, as Joy Autumn documents the intensity of loving someone so much it feels like they are a part of you; and the devastating knowledge that you need to walk away from that person for your own well-being.

Words of Karla Harris