Live Review: Yungblud - Dingwalls, London 30/05/2018



If there was ever a gig you had to be in the front row of, Yungblud is the one!


The somewhat manic but devilishly entertaining teenager from Yorkshire brought his frenetic and riotous show to Dingwalls, Camden. Yungblud (real name Dominic Harrison), has emerged onto the scene like a punch in the face that you didn't see coming. The impact is instant, unexpected and stays with you for days. With his anarchic, punk like attitude it is hard not to take a second glance at Yungblud, but what makes you keep coming back is his genuine talent and diversity in the music he produces, especially so early on in his career.


The stage at Dingwalls is only a few feet high, the front row full of excitable fans who are within grabbing distance of Yungblud. As he bounces out onto the stage, the room erupts and for the next hour the room doesn't stop shaking. “21st Century Liability” is the opening song and it sets the tone for the rest of the night. With scissor kicks, guitar swinging and a lot of crowd indulgence, we are kept entertained from start to finish. “King Charles” was the song that introduced many to the madness and it is during this song that Yungblud reaches passionately for guitarist Adam Warrington, planting a big one on his lips. A moment this is now a staple in many of his performances, whether on stage or on TV. Yungblud is determined to use his voice to raise awareness and break down any social barriers and injustice in our world.


Throughout the night he laps up the affection of the crowd, many times he just simply stands, with that infectious trademark grin, while fans caress his face and body, but not in an objectifying manner, they're simply in awe. The room is filled with a tonne of love and respect, although he does have to remind the crowd throughout the night to back up a little to give the front row a chance of standing upright and not fall onto the stage, not that the people in the front row mind the squeeze.


The crowd sing back in unison, to the poignant ballad “Polygraph Eyes”, arms waving in the air. Its songs like this and the reaction of the crowd that makes the strongest of memories and  it's why I love live music. “Psychotic Kids” follows, keeping the tone subdued for a little bit younger, but with it's ska beat it's a bit of a contradictory song, but it's so powerful. Yungbluds lyrics are so on point and relevant it's easily another favourite of mine.


Yungblud introduces a couple of brand new songs throughout the night and reveals his debut album is due for release in July! The first song he introduces is “California” which brings the craziness back, despite the song being unknown to many in the crowd the room embraced it and it makes me so excited for the album. What follows next is another slow one, which Yungblud dedicates to his mum, who is surprisingly in the crowd having travelled down from Yorkshire. “She likes it” he says. It shows of  his sensitive side for a moment before normal service is resumed, as he introduces “Tin Pan Boy” a sock is thrown on stage which he grabs in his mouth and thrashes it around like a dog with a chew toy. Yungblud is a brilliant entertainer and sadly the inevitable soon approaches. The encore, which means the night is almost over.


The final two tracks of the night are upon us. “Machine Gun”, another new song of the upcoming album brought out the mosh pit and people got up on shoulders. It's so rare to see a frontman posses as much charisma as Yungblud does. The crowd are hypnotised by every word he says and every move he makes, the place is like a riot, the energy is immense. The night comes to a close with “The Emperor”, which carries on the mania, with the crowd singing and the moshing intensifying. At the end Yungblud stands united with the euphoric crowd with their arms outstretched desperate to get close to this incredible human being before us.


I left that gig with only one thought racing through my mind; “That was f***ing insane!”