Corella - 'Tiyanah'


Corella is a unique talent, and in the current blurs within the UK underground it’s refreshing to find someone who stands up and owns her unique style, incorporating the aggressive motions of drill with a softness that underlies what makes the Croydon-based artist stand out. Building on the success of her debut ‘Trappin’’, she’s ready to solidify her talents with a blistering follow-up.

Tiyannah’ is a bold and brash statement, brandishing the confidence of someone who gives the impression she’s been doing this for a lot longer than she has. It’s fearless, with a trap beat that isn’t ushered in too early, beginning with police sirens and smashing glass that seem to act as a metaphor for her dark and ferocious bravura. Corella allows the track to breathe; there are hints of a beat, teasing you with sirens and a building melody, until the moment it does drop about halfway and you’re hit with the full force of this girl’s tenacity and grit to defy boundaries and just let go. 

It’s crafted so well, both in terms of the beat and the way she uses her voice, letting both her vicious tone pour out, along with a beautiful singing voice that knocks you off guard, running parallel in the background with her solid rap. It’ll be exciting to see what she does next, especially with two excellent songs under her belt. 

As a second single, ‘Tiyannah’ is a strong assault on the UK music scene. Whilst it incorporates different ideas from across varying genres, it feels fresh and full of life. Growing up listening to an array of genres and artists, it’s no surprise that she’s mixing the likes of drill, trap, and RnB to create her own pocket of appeal. Corella is a force to be reckoned with, and it seems like 2018 could be an astounding year for the future queen of the underground. 

Words by Chris White