EP Review: Sea Girls - 'Adored EP'

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Sea Girls have landed slots at some of the UK’s biggest and best festivals this summer including The Great Escape, BBC Biggest Weekend and Citadel. This EP makes it easy to see why. This collection of three tracks are a breath of fresh air into the indie scene, which is often plagued by uninspired copy-cats. 

Guitars glimmer at the start of the EP’s opener ‘Adored’ before more enthralling instrumentation takes hold. The relatively subdued track is a stark contrast to the EP’s second track ‘Too Much Fun’, which radiates frenzied excitement. ‘Too Much Fun’ is an undoubtable highlight of the EP. This nostalgic-tinged track is about as close to a summer anthem as any band could hope for. Lyrics like as ‘Go easy on me, I don’t wanna die’ become etched into your head enticing you to listen again. 

The EP’s final track ‘Eat Me Whole’ opens with commanding guitar lines before vocalist Henry Camamile roars on the tracks unquestionably catchy chorus. Much like ‘Too Much Fun’, this track feels it was made to be performed live. It’s hardly a surprise that the band have become known for their intensely impassioned live shows. 

In comparison with their previous EP, this EP demonstrates a remarkably refreshing newly-found confidence from the band. With just three tracks, Sea Girls manage to showcase a striking amount of diversity and eagerness to evolve their sound. ‘Too Much Fun’ overflows with energy which will certainly send fans into a ravenous frenzy at live shows while ‘Adored’ is perhaps more suited to reflective late-night listens.  

Expect to hear ‘Too Much Fun’ alongside fan favourites such as ‘Call Me Out’ at festivals this summer and on the band’s October headline tour, which includes a date at London’s iconic Scala. 

Words by Luke Pettican

Photo Credit: Phil Smithies