EP Review: Fangclub - ‘True Love EP’


Fangclub take alternative rock and mould it to their own style of fiery guitar lines, pounding drums, and catchy melodies in ‘True Love EP’.

Irish outfit Fangclub presents an insight into their thoughts of obsession and infatuation with their highly personal EP ‘True Love EP’. Every song is so different in it’s creative direction, yet there is always the unmistakable sound of Fangclub that beats under the surface, tying together all five songs. Speaking about the EP, frontman Steven King explains, “‘True Love’ is a collage of an intense year that almost ended the band. Last year I became infatuated with the idea of true love. But not just love of a person. Love of drink, drugs, people, actions & habits.  Anything can be your ‘one true love’ if you let it. Love can be painful. True love can cut deep like a knife.”

Opening with ‘Knife’, fuzzing guitars in the background serve as the perfect sidekick to Steven King’s atmospheric clean vocals, before the chorus kicks in and you’re immediately thrown headfirst into a heavier, headbang-inducing texture. King shows off his grittier, agitated vocals alongside guitar riffs that have a hint of the ‘90s in them. Steven King says, “‘Knife’ was my skewed idea of an obsessed love (at the time). It’s the introduction to the EP’s theme. Am I using you or are you using me? I don’t care, I need you. Keep me alive, kill me, keep me warm, make me cold, make me happy, make me sick, wake me up & make me sleep. I don’t mind being chained to you under the blanket of true love.

Following with ‘Heart Is A Landmine’, the listener is plunged into a hammering drum beat that slowly intensifies as lethargic guitar riffs repeat themselves. The repetitive element of this track brings a certain hypnotic quality to it, and you’ll feel yourself being lulled in and trapped as King softly repeats “If you did it once again”.

The hypnotic quality is disturbed by a more raucous ‘Smother’, which has one of the catchiest chorus’ on the EP - you know it’s going to be catchy when there are claps involved. A funky bass line accompanies a stirring guitar solo in the bridge, and you’ll be shaking your hips and your hair as King ‘ooh’s throughout the track.

Juxtaposed with this is ’Sweater Weather’, a ballad with a punk twist. A slower tempo mixed with the yearning lyrics ‘You wear my sweater, you keep your heart on your sleeve’ really draws out the longing underlying this track. This is a song you can close your eyes and get lost to, with the mellow bass line providing an escape from reality for a moment.

You’re soon awakened from your daydream as the chords of closing track ‘High’ kicks in. Alluring guitar lines interweaves with breezy vocals to entangle the listener, and tension builds in the chromaticism in the chorus which will send chills down your spine with how simple yet effective it is. As the track finishes with the same riff it opened with, it ties the whole track and the whole EP together nicely.

Listening to this EP, it’s clear that the trio have a lot of cards up their sleeve to create some musical magic that very few are capable of. It’s no surprise that they’ve drawn comparisons to Nirvana, because the tracks on this EP show that they truly are that good. Each song thrills and dazzles in its own way, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat for the whole ride. There is no doubt that there are massive things destined for this trio, and we can’t wait to see how their creativity will next manifest itself.

Words by Athena Kam