All Ears Avow - 'Sick'


Soaring melodies and infectious hooks make the latest single from All Ears Avow a tune you won’t be forgetting for a while.

Hailing from Wiltshire, rock quartet All Ears Avow have released yet another banging track that will wrap itself around your mind and stay there. Hard-hitting lyrics combine with colossal melodies to deliver a walloping punch that will knock the air out of you, rendering you speechless with a tidal wave of tingles and feelings. 

Opening with a blend of electronics, guitar and drums, it’s a tranquil opening - the calm before the storm. Claire Sutton’s smooth vocals soar over this soundscape, with the vocals and instrumentals moulding together to form a uniform texture that floats through the speakers. The first hint of unease creeps in with the changed drum beat before the chorus, as a persistent bass drum builds up tension in its relentless driving. As the cymbals crash through into the chorus, Sutton shows off her vocal prowess, hitting stratospheric notes with ease. As soon as we leave the chorus, the textures lightens instantaneously, and we’re back to fluttering electronics and a calm bass line. As the track ebbs and flows, you’ll be carried along effortlessly on a bed of clean vocals and flourishing instrumentals.

Sutton explains that the track is “about the idea that a person you care about (be it a family member, a friend, a partner) can be so bad for you - dragging you down so much that it makes you sick. You keep fighting for them because you can be just as bad. Everyone needs someone to fight for them and put up with them.” And with the rousing instrumentals in the track, you will want to fight for someone and put up with them.

Words by Athena Kam


26 July - Newport, Le Pub

3 August - Torquay, The Apple & Parrot

4 August - Bournemouth, Burned Out Festival

30 August - Cheltenham, The Frog & Fiddle

28 September - Gloucester, Underground Festival