Parcels – 'Bemyself'


On what is considered an unlucky day, the up and coming Australian group known as Parcels released a song titled ‘Bemyself’ on Friday the 13th on Kitsuné / Because Music. Needless to say, it was a lucky move. With only two EPs to their name, this old-town yet modern disco band has already made a title for themselves with over one million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Their debut album is set to release later this year. With such a quick rise in recognition since 2016 (thanks to artists such as Pharell, Daft Punk, Kanye, and The Weeknd), Parcels has stirred as many hearts as they have dance moves.

What many are calling an overnight sensation has just yet to begin for this five-piece group. ‘Bemyself’ is the second track the band has released off of their upcoming album. Though the lyrics do not offer a doorway to soul search, the sound displayed through soft guitar and a 60s beat is largely unique in the most nostalgic way possible. Parcels sound like a band you’ve listened to growing up yet they sound like no other band you’ve heard before. They are most definitely an easy-listening group, perfect for relaxing inside on a Sunday afternoon. In fact, that is what I proceeded to do when listening to this track for the first time.


When asked about the writing process of ‘Bemyself,’ Parcels relay, “The song started with a strong concept – to show our listeners a clear divide of the music we like to collide, being old and new. The song was to be split down the middle, starting with the ‘old self’, speaking of the past, with the sound of classic 60’s pop. Then, abruptly transforming unto something new age to go with the tone of a new confident self.” That confidence is positively drawn out in this track, offering a hopeful glimpse of what their debut album will contain. If it sounds anything like what we’ve heard so far, fans should be anticipating something highly noteworthy in this age of music.

In any case, Parcels is riding a wave that has yet to crash, taking many fans with them. Having already sold out multiple venues in Europe and the United States, their tour should be a reflection of their growth as artists. With over thirty dates this fall and winter, Parcels will be moving nonstop in an effort to reach as many of their fans as possible. Big things are coming in the wake of this group.

Words by Peyton Fields