Youngblood - 'Dark Place'

Youngblood take us to their 'Dark Place' in brooding new electronic pop single.

What is really wonderful about what Youngblood have done here is that they've added a futuristic twist to dreamy 80s inspired synth pop. As the song flutters and throbs with dirty, seductive, dark, life, vocalist Alexis Young's vocal is such a potent accompaniment which never gets lost within the lush and urgent layers of the production

'Dark Place' is equally pure in its honesty as it is mysterious and naughty. Young has her listener hanging on every word, absorbing her fierceness and attitude as she boldly laments,  "I like to learn the hard way".  As the track develops, it stops for a quick instrumental break incorporating some truly fierce, searing guitar work which adds another raw and exciting dynamic to the song. 

While the production overall is polished, Dark Place' is not packaged to be pretty, yet remains memorable, melodic and wholly enthralling. The moody, yet fun vibes to the song almost dares its listener to hit the self destruct button, make mistakes and embrace their own 'Dark Place'... Or at least dance our their demons. I can't get enough of this song. 

Words of Karla Harris