The Prodigy - Need Some1


If there was ever a band that can encapsulate pure anarchy and rage through dance music, it’s The Prodigy. They’ve produced chaotic bass beats with fierce, cutting synths ripping through their music since the 90s, and if there was ever any doubt that they’re planning on slowing down, “Need Some1” bashes your ears with the same vigour of “Breathe” and “Out of Space.”

It doesn’t offer much more than one continuous pummelling of the senses, but that’s all you’d expect from a comeback track with the intention of lighting the dance floor on fire once again. There’s a slight pause about two thirds through – as if the band is temporarily allowing you to catch what little breath you have left, but it’s not long before the abrasive tone of the song keeps going.

There is very little out there at the moment like The Prodigy, and even in 2018 they still manage to sound fresh and relevant. There’re elements of dubstep, drum and bass – albeit much more controlled, but it’s certainly a track you’ll be able to go wild to. As the track starts off fast, the industrial beat builds up before a pause, then an almighty drop as the song continues. As far as welcome returns go, the world will have their arms wide open for this, and certainly this breakout single from the new LP “No Tourists.”

Words by Chris White