Yonaka - 'Fired Up'


There is always a sense of excitement when Yonaka release a new song, and their latest single 'Fired Up' is no different. 

Right from the start of ‘Fired Up’ you can tell this is going to be classic and brilliant Yonaka, with
a funky retro beat, with lead singer Theresa pitching in with some light vocals before kicking into
full Yonaka. The band’s twisted indie style shines through on the track in the form of a mixture of
loveable lyrics, great guitar and vicious vocals. The song’s catchy lyrics make you want to dance and sing a long at the top of your lungs and who doesn’t love a sing a long? The track ends in a blaze of glory with ‘Fired Up’ hitting you full throttle with it’s outstanding chorus and blitzing backing track.

It seems with every new release Yonaka get better and better. ‘Fired Up’ counited the pattern,
helping the band reach a new level and we can’t wait to see where Yonaka go next.

Words by Alfie Drake