Boy Bjorn - 'Alone At The Severance'

Photo Credit: Kate Holl

Photo Credit: Kate Holl

Boy Bjorn follows up his poignant debut single, 'Anchorage' with exquisite new single and cinematic video,  'Alone At The Severance'.

Boy Bjorn is that special kind of artist who has the ability to create evocative statements (both thematically and sonically) with the most subtle of touches; the kind of touch that leads to those sharp, unexpected electric shocks that you feel over.  With his music, Boy Bjorn brings that "ouch" factor, but it's a really great kind of ouch that kicks up all of your feelings, seeing  the happy chasing the sad, while leaving plenty of room to feel what you're feeling in that moment.

'Alone At The Severance' is monumental in its own right, expansive in its dreamy, ethereal Sigur Rós-esque backdrop that leaves the song feeling full of wonder. Like watching the sun set on the sea and wondering how the f*ck something so beautiful and unblemished happens every damn day; embracing the fear in knowing we will never have an answers for why the world works in the way it does, both naturally and societally. 

Boy Bjorn's skilled use of dynamics and unique sonic textures keeps the song both rooted in its emotion yet offers escapism. There's some really magical touches to the song that just make its listener feel pure joy, in spite of the more conflicted, philopshical nature of the lyrics and the melancholy delivery as Bjorn explains:

“Alone at the Severance was born from conversations about society and existentialism. The mid-20s pursuit of truth. All the long, inebriated talks I've had with friends that get compressed to a silent agreement that "we're believing a lie, but it's alright". I think sometimes we're all just trying to find our own way of saying that. But I wanted to set that thought against a light, ethereal backdrop to shed some of its weight. The more important part of this story is that "it's alright”.” 

'Alone At The Severance' is out now via Communion Records and is accompanied by beautiful, cinematic visuals created by Mitch Buss and Mike Bove, which explore the themes of space, silence and isolation.  I really love the meditative places Boy Bjorn's music take me to. 

Words of Karla Harris