Beartooth - 'Disease'


Rock gods Beartooth recently released their title track from their forthcoming album ‘Disease’ and it’s more of a bear cub than the fully grown grizzly bear that we are used to from the band but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Right from the start you can feel the raw emotion that comes as standard with any Beartooth track but this time around the music feels as if it’s accepting the emotions instead of the usual Beartooth scream for help style. ‘Disease’ starts off slow with a slightly more pop punk twist from classic Beartooth but ‘Disease’ thrives in it. The track allows the pace to quicken and quicken, to my delight. There are few things I enjoy more than a Beartooth song in full swing and ‘Disease’ hits a home run of marvelous madness. Only slowing down for moment, to then later on to hit you with the Beartooth drop we all crave. The thrashing guitars, thunderous drums and sonic boom vocals. It’s glorious.

Overall ‘Disease’ is a winner. From the calm start to the full on riot ending, it’s brilliant throughout. Excited is an understatement for their upcoming album (out on September 28th), I am sure it's going to be a barnstormer.  

Words by Alfie Drake