FINNEAS - 'Hollywood Forever'


The charming new single from FINNEAS is one of his most revealing tracks yet.

FINNEAS is quickly establishing himself as a household name in the world of pop. Having released a whole host of glittering solo material, he also has writing credits on songs by the likes of Billie Eilish, Khalid, Tori Kelly and more. Perhaps it’s not unsurprising then that his new single, ‘Hollywood Forever’, is absolutely exquisite and will leave you speechless with its beauty.

A tranquil electronic opening serenades you with its delicate touch, and the velvety voice of
FINNEAS soon joins the spread chords accompanying. The whole track is silky and smooth, like
the audio equivalent of butter. The listener is soon enveloped in a blend of warm vocals and
ambient electronics, and this stripped back texture carries throughout the track. As the chorus
kicks in, the vocal harmonies create a rich texture that will send chills down your spine and make
your chest blossom with warmth. This warmth is conveyed not only through the rich tones of his
voice, but also lyrically. In the chorus, there’s a hint of a hopeless romantic, when he sings ‘I don’t
want to change the station, ‘cause you’re the only one I like at 2AM. Kiss me again

Rather simplistic in its accompaniment, there’s something about the stripped back textures that
allows FINNEAS to delve into his personal feelings and share one of his most intimate tracks yet.
The expansive electronic backing lends itself to the exposed atmosphere created, and the different effects used later in the track builds up the drama and intensity of the track whilst maintaining a light texture. You’ll honestly want to loop this track over and over again, as his voice is one we cannot get enough of.

Words of Athena Kam