Delta Will - 'Nothing Is Enough'

Toronto four-piece Delta Will combine the perfect amount of pop and dreamy on spectacular new single, ‘Nothing is Enough’, taken from their new EP ‘Multitudes I’. 

This new single is a beautifully combined track of multi genres, from psych-pop to soul.  The layered sounds and tones continue the busy noise that Delta Will have carried from their first EP ‘It All Glows’.  The lead vocal is very organic and works well with the EP artwork, which uses greens and natural colouring to complete the band's earthy sound.  This new EP is just one segment of a trio, to be released throughout 2018.

Speaking of the song, the band describes how they wanted to tell the story of social media and how small little screens are beginning to take over the world.  The imagery and feelings told through screens rather than first hand is changing how we live day by day. The track builds very quickly into a dreamy web of sound, starting with guitar notes and building with the use of drums and a fat bassline.  The metallic twang of cymbals and tambourine are a match made in musical heaven.

After being bowled over with the upbeat and pure nature of the single, the video was just as confusing and overwhelming as I expected.  Combining highly coloured visuals with twisting movements the viewer is completely engaged from the first 10 seconds onwards. Personally, I feel that the video tells a story of a world that we may never witness, with handsome electronic sounds which tie everything together perfectly.  The illustrations are inspired by that of Terry Gilliam’s animations of Monty Python.

The full EP ‘Multitudes I’ is now out on all streaming platforms and contains 6 intricate tracks, definitely one to have a listen to.

Words of Em Marcovecchio