Seaker - 'Dreaming'

London-based artist/producer Seaker aka Kiran Hungin returns with evocative new offering ‘Dreaming’.

'Dreaming' is an introspective track that dances in in the lonely midnight shadows of the moon. Its soundscape searches for the kind of enlightenment that can only be found in life's solitary and spacious moments; away from the hustle and busy of city life, and the constant exposure of heady street lamps and passing cars, busy people, busy places and vaccuum packed concrete structures. No distractions.  It is both a place to hide and a place to find yourself. It is an awakening.

Sonically, 'Dreaming'  bleeds nicely into previous track 'Words',  carrying the same ethereal, buoyant, elemental feeling to its soundscape without feeling cliche or recycled. Instead, Seaker is trademarking her sound and there is no way you could mistake the kind of music Seaker is making for anyone else, it's wholly her own and her voice blows my mind every time I hear it (which is a lot, because I'm a huge fan of the "repeat" button when I dig a song). There's a lovely juxtaposition to the ethereal and dreamy textures in a regimental drum rhythm, which adds a strength and a sturdiness to the soundscape, complementing the military imagery in the lyrics.  I guess for me, this regimental aspect calls upon the formality of day to day life and that intrinsic instinct to "play it safe" and turn inwards instead of experiencing and expressing our feelings for everything that they are.

But it also feels like the breakdown of barriers, wishing to place faith in something loyal and true and to believe that we are put on this planet not to feel like we are the only person to be trusted to protect us (i think we're definitely our own worst enemies most of the time),  but to trust that there are others out there who will look after us too and we can't always run from that. For me, this links to the mystique of some of the more spiritual layers in the track. I mean, being human is really weird and awkward and mysterious and those bleak feelings and moments of existentialism creep up on us in the dead of the night when we have no distractions and are blanketed in darkness, save for the very stars in the sky.

Seaker's music looks to examine and heal the scars on the inner psyche in both a private and universal way.  In exploring her own vulnerabilities, mistakes, pain and anxieties, Seaker gives ample space for her listener to dust off the disconcerting cobwebs that lace their own minds and souls and in turn, leaves her listener feeling emotional, yet cleansed; encouraging the meditative concept of confronting pain, releasing it, changing direction, and growing.  Deep musings aside, Seaker's affecting melodies are hugely catchy, real, raw and soothing; I can't get enough of Seaker's sound.

Words of Karla Harris

'Dreaming' was written by Seaker and produced by Seaker and Rick David at Pink Bird Studios.