Vesture - 'Dust & Parts'

Another day, another UK band toiling away on the national gigging circuit building a reputation while working with a respected producer (Mark Roberts, previously involved with acts like the BEYOND INCREDIBLE Black Peaks). While all looks good on paper, is 'Dust & Parts' an indication that  Vesture are cultivating something pretty special with their new and upcoming material?

Intended as the first of a series of single releases, first impressions of Vesture's ‘Dust and Parts’ are certainly positive. While it’s tempting to try and spot the influences (at least to these ears, an Anathema-esque intro riff here, possible hints of Mansun and Oceansize thrown into the mix there), the overall vibe is a quirky blend of accessible indie rock interplayed with just the right amount of jagged riffery.

Starting out with a brief, blessed-out intro, spiked guitar chords wrestle with assured vocals to liven things up. Hinting at subsequent surprises, the track quickly merges seamlessly into an understated chorus underpinned by a naggingly-addictive guitar line. The off-kilter instrumental elements of the track provide real bite, showcasing neat musicianship while not overstaying their welcome. Indeed the song benefits from lacking an all-too-obvious structure, with parts leading into one another leaving the listener playing a guessing game as the track progresses.

Being honest, it’s a impressive listen that continues to display its charms after repeated plays. So yes, it’s pretty special, and hopefully a warning shot of plenty more goodness to come. 

Words of DS_convertible