Second Hand Poet - 'Loving You'

Surrey-based singer-songwriter Second Hand Poet shares intimate new single, ‘Loving You’

Second Hand Poet has created a solemn and reverent backdrop on his stark new offering 'Loving You' but the song's minimal ambient folk arrangements hasn't stopped the track writhing with emotion. Second Hand Poet understands at the heart of a great song  you need an affecting melody and a deft hand at teasing timing. Therefore, 'Loving You' is dramatised in exactly the right way to keep it's listener in suspense.

At the forefront of the song is Second Hand Poet's evocative vocal and he delivers his first-rate lyrics which such sincerity you believe every word he says. A lot of care has gone into creating, 'Loving You' and as Second Hand Poet explains, the song has been a long time coming, facing many alterations over time;

 "the song has changed names, structure and meaning many times over. Originally a love song, the song went unreleased over such a long period that it ended up being a song about hope in the aftermath of a love that disappeared between two people. I've likened it before to dressing up a corpse to look its absolute finest before its final resting place - it’s an almost closure to the past.”

Through, 'Loving You', Second Hand Poet has not only connected with his own emotions, but allowed for his listener to turn inwards,  delve into their own feelings and try to find peace in processing them. 'Loving You' is haunting, it's beautiful, it's bittersweet. It does not go unnoticed. 

Words of Karla Harris

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