Emma Ruth Rundle – 'Darkhorse'


Emma Ruth Rundle has released the second single from her upcoming album On Dark
. Darkhorse is signature ERR with layered guitars harmoniously creating a soundscape for a rolling drumbeat and atmospheric bass that moves you to your core.

The song is written as a conversation between sisters trying to overcome a troubled and traumatic past and paints a dark and mystical picture of a world so far from us all. Emma Ruth Rundle’s poetic lyricism shines through. “Smile like you mean it and just cast the light of hell right out you” is sung in such an effortless tone, whilst the guitar in the background stands up, straight backed, in minor key to emphasise the darkness.

Sharing a similar tone yet lacking the urgency and subtle upbeat notes of the first single, Fever Dreams, ERR has penned an album that lyrically appears to tackle difficult subjects, all the while distracting you from the negative undertones with intoxicating instrumentals.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly