Interview - Bang Bang Romeo


Bang Bang Romeo are a band going at 200 miles per hour head first into being one of the top rising bands of the year. They played a massive show opening up the Main Stage at the Isle Of Wight Festival this summer, and their new single 'Shame On You' is just a fine example of why we should all be taking notice of Bang Bang Romeo. 

We had a chat with lead vocalist Anastasia Walker about that great summer festival experience, the new single and how the media should pay more attention to events like Pride. 

Your new track 'Shame On You' is out now, what is the track about? 
'Shame On You' is a song that I think we can all relate to. We’ve all at one point in our lives had that one person who is bad for you, you’re bad for them, your friends warn you off them, their’s off you, but there’s this invisible magnet that draws you back together every, single, time. You always wake up with a broken heart the next morning, and repeat the cycle, why? Because it’s just ‘what we do’. 

You opened the main stage at this year's Isle of Wight festival, how did that feel? ..........Were you nervous at all? 
It was the biggest buzz I’ve ever experienced in my life, yet the stage sort of felt like home? It’s a weird one, but I totally thought I’d be nervous, puking in the wings, but we were just so exited and ready to go. Saying those final words “this is our last song” broke my heart. John Giddings later told us that we received the biggest crowd for an opening act the Isle Of Wight Festival had ever seen, for that, we’re eternally grateful. 

Have you got any more festival plans? 
Yes, we’ll be playing the Main Stage at Tramlines, the Main Stage at The Vicars Picnic, headlining the This Feeling / Pirate Studio Stage at Y-Not Festival and Truck Festival, headlining Doncaster Pride, playing the second stages at Kendal Calling and Victorious festival, Wellow festival and Sonder Festival. You sleep when you’re dead don’t you? Buzzing. 

Being the singer in a 'female fronted band', do you believe it should have that title? 
To be totally honest, I’m just the lead singer of a band. My gender should have absolutely nothing to do with it, but whilst there’s a flag that needs flying, you bet your ass I’ll fly it as hard as I can for all the women out there who have inspired me, and for those who need a little inspo in return. We’re all on the same side after all. 

Performers are constantly being compared to other performers, 'The next Adele' for example is an expression thrown about a lot, how do you feel is the best way for a performer to keep themselves original? Can it be learned or is it automatically in people? 
I think personally with me, people see a big girl singing and put the two together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a comparison I’ll take and be very great full for!  But I think I’m a different artist to Adele, with a different voice, style, and more often than not, a different message. I think you should just roll with what comes to you naturally, and if you have an idea on how you want to be perceived, go with it and don’t hold back. 

It is Pride week, do you have any special plans for it? How do you normally celebrate it? 
If I’m not performing at Doncaster Pride, I normally spend it with friends just enjoying the day and having a good time. Good vibes all around. Proper unity! 

Do you think the music industry should take more notice of events like Pride? 
I think the media could cover Pride events more that’s for sure. Some people hear the word ‘Pride’ and imagine an army of gays trying to convince you that they should rule the world or some other bollocks. It’s a day of support, unity, acceptance and just an all round great day. Although some really big named acts play Prides, I don’t think the media pay enough attention to, London Pride live on Radio 1 for example would be an incredible step in the right direction. 

Bang Bang Romeo's single 'Shame On You' is out now, the band will be playing a number of festivals this summer, as well as headlining Doncaster Pride this weekend. 

Featured created by Ant Adams