Royal Teeth - 'Never Gonna Quit'

   Photo credit: Jakob Wandel


Photo credit: Jakob Wandel

Royal Teeth make a fearless return with their anthemic new single, 'Never Gonna Quit'.

It's been just over two years since we first featured Royal Teeth off the back of their single, 'Kids Conspire', arguably one of their most inventive songs to date. The band seem to have a bit of a history of taking a hiatus from music, but ultimately the music always wins and they always come back with a fresh enthusiasm and bolder ideas. 

'Never Gonna Quit' is a monstrous, punchy, fight song that sees the band at their most rowdy, most determined. The track channels a dark, funky, rock sound yet it's also a really fun and fresh anthem that aims to psych its listener up.  This song exudes confidence and while it has accessible qualities to it, Royal Teeth's distinctive personality, infectious energy and adaptability shines through in their tight arrangements, stunning harmonies, and distinctive vocals. It's great to see them back again. 

Words of Karla Harris