Esbie Fonte - 'Pico & Westwood'

LA's Esbie Fonte put an unconventional alternative twist on a sentimental love song in new offering, 'Pico & Westwood'. 

It's very easy for me to say Esbie Fonte are my favourite musical phenomenon of the year. Their music is coming from a place that defies genre expectations and pushes the boundaries of creativity. Esbie Fonte have chosen the harder path of not necessarily creating music which is instantly popular, instead choosing originality, creating soundscapes that takes ordinary themes and makes them extraordinary. 

I mean, who isn't writing about the universally shared them of love in their music? How many times have you heard the wallowy sound of angst and heartbreak when love has left,  or euphoric, sentimental songs when love is good?  While the lyrics of 'Pico & Westwood' are a very personal and sweetly reminisce over the beginning of a love story, Esbie Fonte bring an explosion of urgency and intensity in their sonic textures, pulling away at the veil of traditional beauty and romanticism that a lot of love songs hide behind, while keeping the bones of the song's sentiment authentic.  

Instead, Esbie Fonte expose love for all that it is;  passionate, hard hitting, scary and all consuming. Addictive, a little bit lovely, a little bit dreamy, a little bit raw, a little bit confusing. A little bit spellbinding a little bit dismal, a little bit tender, a little bit fierce. Esbie Fonte tie up all these feelings through nostalgic alt melodies and dreamy ambient indie textures which initially show relative control, but when layered with a rockier vibe, embodies love's chaos perfectly. I dare you to find another band making music quite like Esbie Fonte. 

Words of Karla Harris