Trevor Myall - 'Pyro Heart'

Photography:  Angela Peterman

Photography: Angela Peterman

LA-based singer-songwriter Trevor Myall makes a heartfelt debut with impressive single,  'Pyro Heart' produced by The Swoons.

What is instantly noticeable about Trevor Myall is the sheer evocation and purity to his soft, soulful vocal as he elegantly coaxes his emotional demons to the surface, without losing hope in the long-run. 'Pyro Heart' sees Myall make the process of wearing our hearts on our sleeves and submitting to vulnerable look a little less scary as he puts faith in an unknown source to implore, "guide me home, i know you're there".

In many ways, 'Pyro Heart'  is a confessional and a cry to simply be heard, to be noticed, to feel better, to connect, to be saved. Myall describes his music as "finding that moment of light and romance during a spell of emotional darkness" and in 'Pyro Heart' this is evident both sonically and thematically. While the track is at times  despairing and emotive, it's also lively, inspirational and rich, combining foot-stomping indie folk and soaring electronic influences to create a huge, sweeping monster of a song with the biggest, most resolute heartbeat.

Words of Karla Harris