Eliza Shaddad - 'This Is My Cue'

Eliza Shaddad has a knack for writing incredibly candid songs that make you wonder if they’ve been taken straight off the pages of her personal diary.  The London based singer-songwriter who is also the co-founder of a female art collective called, Girls Girls Girls, seeks to empower women within all spectrum's of the art world. The brutal honesty that comes out of her songs is something that makes her incredibly relatable.

Eliza Shaddad describes ‘This is My Cue’ as a song that comes from “trying to find the strength of mind to end things.” Judging by ‘White Lines’ and ‘My Body’ – which are the other releases from the upcoming album, ‘Future’ – there appears to be a common theme running through the songs which is trying to decode the conflicting feelings that you go through when you’re working out what you want from a relationship.

Despite ‘This is My Cue’ being quite laidback in its melodic pace, there is an urgency that comes through in the vocals that lead up to the second chorus; “Though I know we could keep on, something is telling me we’re through… Maybe I’ll leave today, I don’t wanna live this way.” It is almost as if the continuation of the relationship is painful to Shaddad, but she knows that there is an inevitable pain that comes with leaving.

The dream-like surf sound that comes from a consistent guitar riff is the perfect backdrop for a wave of layered guitars that roll over you in the middle 8, with Eliza’s haunting harmonies slowly chirping away in the background. An almost meditative state lulls you in to the contemplation of everything that is and isn’t right with the relationships in your life. When a 3 minute song can make you contemplate your entire existence, it shows that it must be a good one.

Words of Tyler Damara Kelly

Eliza Shaddad’s debut album ‘Future’ is due to be released on 26th October through Beatnik Creative.