EP Review: Folly Rae - 'Karma Club'

Singer-songwriter Folly Rae's new EP 'Karma Club' shows off 4 sensational songs hitting back at a past love, out now via Black Butter. 

As the name suggests,'Karma Club' is an EP that does not pull any punches as it goes in hard, flipping the narrative in a defiant act of female strength, making the perpetrator in a strained relationship the target. Although, there is room for self-awareness and that is evident in the EP's chilled and playful opening track, 'The One' where, despite the light tone to the track, Folly Rae speaks out to a lover, knowing that she is not, and will never be receiving the love she deserves, "no matter what I do, I'll never be the one for you".

'Sniper' is the secret weapon of the EP and an unwavering ode to a cheating ex. This song brings the fire and the flavour in an explosive blend of electro pop and subtle trap influences, with nice little touches bringing the imagery of the lyrics alive even further within the track's deft sonic textures.  It's a massively catchy and sassy song with a warrior spirit.

'You Don't Love Me' is arguably the most surprising track on the EP and deserves to be mentioned for its striking exploration of dynamics and tone. Folly Rae draws her listener in under false pretences as the track opens downtempo, dark and brooding before growing into this gorgeous whirlwind of a dance track, continuously toying between each mood throughout the song. It captures both the angst and the freeing feeling of getting your heart broken and then bouncing back and finding acceptance. 

'Eyes On You - Acoustic' ends the EP in an unexpected, real and raw way cutting through any bravado or front. It's my absolute favourite track on the EP as Folly Rae strips things back relying on the weight of her words, showing us the gritty emotion in her vocal with just the accompaniment of a touching piano melody. 

'Karma Club' is an extraordinarily produced EP where each innovative track has its own distinctive personality, seeing Folly Rae's impressive vocal adapt to fit each style accordingly.  This is an wholly honest EP born from the ruins of a wounded heart and ugly truths, which stands tall showing nothing but vivacity, strength and adaptability. 

Words of Karla Harris