EP Review: Tanners - 'Tanners'

New York artist Tanners shows off four exceptional groove-inspired psychedelic pop songs on her self-titled, debut EP. 

'Holy Water' opens the song with the most mainstream retro indie pop sound on the album showing off the smooth, blissful tone to Tanners vocal. The track ripples and bubbles with dreamy aquatic textures which flow around a gentle disco groove that would sit nicely in your playlists alongside contemporaries such as Fickle Friends and RALPH.

'Empress In The Groove' takes the pace back down a notch, pairing a gorgeous, funky bass groove with psychy textures, seeing the song both solid and anchored enough to be fully engaging on a concrete level, yet also dreamy and light in all the right way for Tanners to lull her listener into a brand new and thoroughly relaxing dimension. 

As the EP progresses it pulls heavier on its imaginative psych influences. I tried to sell 'This Crazy'  to my team as what Fleetwood Mac might sound like if they decided to bring out a new album with a psych touch.  'What You've Been Waiting For' closes the EP with the most gravity-defying sound we have heard from Tanners so far.  The song takes its time and ends the EP on a trippy, romantically-tinged high that vividly stutters to a stunted finish feeling like the explosion of a supernova. 

Tanners firstly captivates her listener with her remarkably enjoyable vocal, but her combination of gritty,  groove-inspired nostalgic pop melodies and imaginative cosmic textures mean that Tanners has produced an out of this world EP that will have you figuring out something entirely new to enjoy upon each listen.

Words of Karla Harris