Kyson - 'Clean Air' / 'Every High'

Kick back with 'Clean Air' and 'Every High', two breathtaking indie electro tracks of escapism from Berlin-based producer, composer and vocalist, Kyson

Kyson's music is a slow dive into the hazy depths of electronic experimentation as he combines organic acoustic elements with mellow yet enthralling synth sounds to make each song he releases a sensory adventure. 'Every High' exists in a relatively minimal format, yet travels through a dense safari of ambient textures lulling its listener into a meditative state of enjoyment. 

On the track Kyson says 'Every High' is about "overcoming the feeling or need we have as individuals to modify ourselves and our personalities to please others in our daily lives… about how honesty and trust can help overcome this pressure of pleasing, and the journey of finding the way towards both of these emotions.”  

'Clean Air' is a much more atmospheric song that carries a very welcoming glacial chill in its sonic textures. Kyson's captivating folk tinged vocal is supported by beautifully finger-picked acoustic guitar and sparse electronic production, expanding to unveil stunning layers of sound that peacefully satiates its listener like a sweeping cool wind on a desperately humid day. 

One of my favourite things about Kyson is the intricate way he use electronic,  indie folk and hip hop influences to create holistic soundscapes with such natural imagery both sonically and thematically that you can almost reach out and smell, taste, touch and see the visions he describes in his lyrics and the sounds he evokes in his production.  In their own right, 'Every High' and 'Clean Air' sees Kyson take his listener on a sonic pilgrimage of both the human spirit and the natural world and that's some really special stuff. 

Words of Karla Harris

 ‘Every High’ and 'Clean Air'  are out now on B3SCI / Majestic Casual Records and will also be made available as part of a 4-track vinyl release from 21st September.