ROMES - 'Out of It'


This week I have been on the search for something new and fresh-sounding and Canadian indie-pop quartet, ROMES, gave me this. This track is the first taste of their new, second album following their self-titled debut and it makes me excited for what the rest of the album might bring. 

ROMES bring synth-pop and indie-rock together seamlessly in this track; 'Out of It' is filled with a heavy background riff and lyrics that make me want to scream them at a stage. The band said that this track drew influence from the one and only Beyonce and the “leg move she does, belting out the lyrics”, although honestly I fail to see any link between this track and Queen B. 

I beg the music industry for more music videos that are 5 year old rock-and-roll kids on an empty road. The music video really adds to the track on your first listen, but the more I listen to this track, the more I respect it as its own entity. 

ROMES have effectively pulled me in to their sound and whilst I listen to their debut album and wait for their second album, I recommend you give this new track a listen. 

Words of Max Herridge