NYIKO - 'Lust for Luv'

Photo credit Niles Gregory @nilesgregoryphoto

Photo credit Niles Gregory @nilesgregoryphoto

Multitalented LA based creative, NYIKO  releases new synthpop heartbreak anthem,  'Lust for Luv'.

One of the most admirable qualities about NYIKO is how versatile he is as he explores elements of synth-pop, new wave, post-punk and hip-hop within his solo and collaborative projects.  My favourite thing about NYIKO personally is his vocal and the depths of his brooding post-punk melancholia that always pulls me in with its immediacy,  purity and unassuming beauty. But his vocal wouldn't be so affecting if the lyrical content wasn't always an arrow of emotion shot straight to the heart and always exceptionally crafted.

In 'Lust for Luv' NYIKO considers the theme of heartache and confusion in an intimate dynamic as NYIKO explains, "When does passionate attraction turn into love and caring? When does lust fade? Romantic love, in it's earliest stages, can be troublesome. The stories we tell ourselves about the people we're intimate with can differ from reality. That dichotomy can be the root of our confusion and suffering. "

Sonically, NYIKO captures the somewhat turbulent and rocky emotions seen in the theme by using gentle and hypnotic synth on its verses up against a bolder more buoyant sing-along chorus, ultimately leaving the song feeling meticulously upbeat in tone despite the heartache in its lyrics. This is one of those hooky songs that bounces around in your head even after the music has stopped playing. 

Words of Karla Harris

"Lust for Luv" is out now via Trailing Twelve Records.