Z a c k y - 'Used To'

LA native Z a c k y reflects on how things 'Used To' be on impressive new electronic single.

What is instantly striking about 'Used To' is the way Z a c k y makes use of minimal production, yet the sound is still blanketed in emotion which makes it feel fuller than it actually is. The simplicity of the song is also something Z a c k y is particularly proud of himself, seeing the track remain spacious so that his sincere and contemplative vocal remains central, letting the lyrics breathe.

There's a solid sense of movement within the song's production, yet in parts it feels like moving in slow motion under dark starry skies. This compliments the feeling of nostalgia within the track's theme as 'Used To' is influenced by Z a c k y's time spent in Topanga Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains and the nights spent, "driving to views, talking and taking in the different scenery of the Valley".

There's a solemness to the track as Z a c k y reflects on the changing of times as he tries to relive a different period in his life, realising it can never be the same as it used to.  'Used To' is a thoughtful track with mature production that really shows off how less can feel like so much more. 

Words of Karla Harris