Twist Helix - 'Graphite'


Anyone that calls themselves a creative and spends the majority of their lives putting so much effort into things that they feel passionate about, knows what it is like to not feel like you’re good enough.

Twist Helix delve into the world of insecurities and putting pressure on yourself, in their new single ‘Graphite’ which is taken from their debut album ‘Ouseburn’. Reminiscent of a traditional Nordic kulning, the track opens up with singer Bea Garcia’s euphoric drawl, before exploding into a synth-heavy soundscape with an urgency lead by Garcia’s commanding voice.

When asked about the song, Garcia mentioned that it is about wanting “to throw away work after work because you know it’s not enough for it to be good. It has to be exceptional.” This is especially true as a band who is due to release their debut album in an industry that is at times overpopulated and full of judgement.

‘Ouseburn’ will be released on October 5th.

Words of Tyler Damara Kelly