Fatherson - 'Charm School'


'Charm School' is a polished rock celebration by Scottish rockers Fatherson, signifying their triumphant return.

'Charm School' is the second single to be lifted from Fatherson's upcoming album 'Sum of All Your Parts' due to be released September 14th via Easy Life Records and offers a more polished sound from a rock band known for their infectious choruses. Having garnered a large fan base from supporting slots with fellow Scots Biffy Clyro and Frightened Rabbit, as well as recently the likes of Kings of Leon in Vienna, 'Charm School' represents an attempt by the band to return to the feelings integral to the beginning of their venture- getting a 'smile that you can't get rid of' when playing new songs- and seems to possess the same innocence, yet fights against the pop sensibilities which music- and life- seems to conform to. In short, 'Charm School' is a rebellion against 'the need to jump through hoops' to please other people.

'Charm School' opens with an addictive beat under a strong riff, a sound which, if allowed, takes hold of your ear and throttles it in anger; much like lead singer Ross Leighton's lyrics- ranting about the 'friction on the doorstep' and pleading to 'find a way to live outside' the consistent need for manners and political correctness in this 'Charm School'. He soon erupts, asking listeners to 'keep it to [themselves]', telling them that they are 'living in a charm school'- an elocution school where people learn to prioritise manners above all else, which Fatherson suggests 'might be a little unrealistic for real life.'

However, despite attempts to 'be a bit more specific, lyrically' rather than relying on metaphors as with previous offerings, the blunt 'Charm School' manages to retain the same anthemic charm Fatherson are known for whilst enabling the band to move in a new direction, taking confident strides forward towards rock stardom; and, although perhaps seeming to pale in comparison to some of their previous songs, 'Charm Song' is a brilliant song nonetheless and thoroughly warrants a listen.

Fatherson can be caught on their upcoming tour in October/November, culminating in a date at Glasgow's 'The Barrowlands' on November 2nd.

Words by James O'Sullivan