JP Cooper feat Mali Koa - 'All This Love'

As a huge fan of JP Cooper for a long time, I was dubious about whether ‘All This Love’ would still be the heartbroken ballad it was with Mali Koa’s verse added. And as it turns out; it still is.

Mali Koa undoubtedly adds an emotional layer to the song as her vocals take on the position of the ex-lover in JP’s original track. The voices of the two artists fit together better than I would have ever expected. The release of the track also came with a music video inspired by Tim Burton classic and Disney’s ‘Coco’, that illustrates the song in cartoon form.

JP Cooper first pulled my heartstrings with his release in 2014, ‘Keep The Quiet Out’, but it could be considered that his breakthrough didn’t come until his collaboration with Jonas Blue, ‘Perfect Strangers’. This collaboration became a viral hit around the world and generated 630 million streams worldwide, and there is potential for this new version of ‘All This Love’ to become this breakthrough track for Mali Koa. 

To date, Mali only has one track, ‘Honest’, to her name as a solo artist; a track that illuminates the voice of this emerging artist. She has been signed to Island records and new music is expected from her in the near future. But for those of you who are just making their introduction to JP Cooper’s music, I will point you in the direction of one of his most underrated songs: ‘The Only Reason'. Enjoy!

Words of Max Herridge