Banfi - 'If not for you'

Banfi release ‘If not for you’, the first single from their upcoming second EP, ‘Marlow’ out October 28th, via Communion Records.

Banfi are back with ‘If not for you’ featuring bigger indie pop melodies yet channeling a softer vocal, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Banfi’s bright, layered, upbeat instrumentation teases their listener into a false sense of security. In slightly overshadowing the vocal, the arrangements try and coax the sadness of the lyrical content into a more positive light.

Lead singer Joe Banfi’s melancholic vocal delivery remains melodic but is almost hushed and despondent as if he is sharing a confessional and confronting realisations he doesn’t immediately want to accept himself. As the track develops it becomes more rousing and anthemic. While still operating with an underlying sadness, the track is warm and optimistic, retaining that Banfi familiarity we’ve grown to love, yet testing new waters. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the EP plays out.

Banfi will support the release of their upcoming EP with a run of UK headline tour dates starting in November, including a performance at London's Moth Club on 17th November. Tickets and full tour dates available, here.