Video: FAANGS - 'Love Fast Die Young' (Live Performance)

Canadian artist FAANGS shares an intense live rendition of her new single, ‘Love Fast Die Young’.

While not much is known about the enigmatic FAANGS, that really doesn’t seem to matter based on the quality of ‘Love Fast Die Young’. In its original form, the track presents itself as a gritty electronic track with a gorgeous pop hook. While the production is fun and interesting, it’s the vocal that stands out for me with its power and warmth.

FAANGS live performance video for the track is less polished but for me, this makes it more likeable. Rough around the edges and slightly washed out, the live performance largely trades in its electro pop vibe for a crazy good electric guitar alternative funk ethos while retaining its accessibility. Vocally the track sounds more passionate and emotional in its rawer form.

’Love Fast Die Young’ (Live Performance) premiered with Live In Limbo who FAANGS told, “Love Fast Die Young is all about stressing the importance of utilizing our youth and living life to the fullest. It supports falling in love without a reason, pulling 3 all-nighters in a row, catching a flight last minute ‘just because’ and forgetting about tomorrow just for the cause of living for today. Life’s too short to be afraid to chase your deepest dreams and run wild.”

FAANGS - you’ve got me wanting more.

Words of Karla Harris