The Buoys - 'Arm Wrestle'

Sydney quartet The Buoys have released their spectacular indie rock song ‘Arm Wrestle’ which is sure to burst your ear drums with its loud fuzzy guitar tones but also will have you wanting more.  

The Buoys are relatively unknown outside of the Land of Oz where they’ve been receiving national airplay on Australian radio stations like Triple J and FBi but make no mistake, they are one of the most stimulating bands I’ve heard recently. Their style of fast tempos, loud fuzzy guitars and slight distortion create this impressive sound which will definitely be popular for many UK fans who love indie and alternative music.

‘Arm Wrestle’ is a song about paranoia and self-sabotage in particular situations which is so relatable and one key lyric stood out for me was ‘I don’t know why I insist in believing i’m not good enough’ a very deep lyric. In terms of the sound the song has everything you look for in a great traditional indie rock song, engaging lyrics, catchy guitar riffs and a very memorable chorus.  

The song is taken from the band’s upcoming second EP and has a really young and free feel which draws on shoegaze influences in a contemporary way. The Buoys are a really cool and I hope they can break out of Australia and come over to the UK because fans will adore them. If your fans of Wolf Alice or The Big Moon you will love this band.

Words of Shaun Mulhern