PLYA - 'Innocent'

London-based alternative trio PLYA make a dramatic statement with new stand-out single, ‘Innocent’.

Opening with sensual, intense and dark synth and lead singer Julia vocals, ‘Innocent’ instantly draws its listener into a tainted and rebellious soundscape. PLYA pairs this dark electro pop ethos on the verses with a brooding and atmospheric pop hook which sees vulnerability and purity seep into the vocal. However, PLYA execute this without the vocal losing its power, even as the production becomes a billowing and raging storm of affecting cinematic textures and nostalgia, adding another depth to the song’s beauty and fitting the song’s theme perfectly.

“Innocent" is about the nostalgia of looking back at purer times from a place filled with imperfections. I was obsessed with the idea of people’s innocence being consumed by the systematic and dark underbelly of a city, which is hidden just beneath it’s glittery surface."

What PLYA have done here is cleverly created a song in two parts; firstly making you envision skulking along to it in a club basement, but also cry-singing to yourself alone in your bedroom. It’s a powerful and memorable cut that channels a sound which sits nicely between contemporaries such as Banks and Jessie Ware.

Words of Karla Harris

PLYA will be touring Europe and the UK with Interscope/Vertigo/Capitol Records artist The Night Game.

The Night Game w/ Special Guest PLYA
16 Sept 2018 – München, Germany / Strom
18 Sept 2018 – Frankfurt, Germany / Zoom
22 Sept 2018 – Köln, Germany / Gebaude
24 Sept 2018 – Amsterdam, Netherlands / Melkweg
27 Sept 2018 – London, United Kingdom / Electrowerkz