Lewis Capaldi - 'Grace'


I am here to say that Lewis Capaldi will be the next household name of heartbreak pop music and his new single, ‘Grace’, may be the track to get him there.

The self-proclaimed “chubby Scottish guy” has taken to a piano for this new single that starts as a soft melody and launches into an anthem fit for an arena. If Capaldi’s performances follow the performance he gave in support of Sam Smith this April in the O2 arena, ‘Grace’ is going to be a huge tune live. 

Capaldi’s vocals definitely set him apart from the crowd with ‘Grace’ holding on to all that makes him unique. His songs have always sounded like they could be great radio successes, but it really feels as if the artist is moving forward into the pop industry with his powerful chorus vocals that will be echoing around the nation.

‘Grace’ follows previous track ‘Tough’ that Capaldi spoke to us about earlier this year. The young artist now boasts over 100k followers on Spotify and any new music by him is highly anticipated by fans. 

Words by Max Herridge