Hoofa - 'A Kiss'


James Rooney’s new project, Hoofa, attempts to fuse an energetic performance with an audience dripping of sweat; and his new single, ‘A Kiss’, does just that.

Taking inspiration from PEACE, Little Comets and, surprisingly, The Beautiful South, Hoofa’s new single, ‘A Kiss’, puts together a perfect blend of high-energy indie pop and sincere lyric writing. Hailing from Warrington, James’ Hoofa has been quietly plotting their plans for world domination over the past year, with a whole timeline of releases and gigs ready to go.

‘A Kiss’ quite simply tells a story, a testament to James’ unique storytelling attitude towards songwriting and The Beautiful South’s influence, whilst backed up with floaty guitar riffs and steady drum beats that subtly mask the bitter sweet side to break-ups. ‘A Kiss’ can best be described as a beautiful mixing pot of all that tasty stuff that makes a great song, whether it be the hip-swaying jazzy-funk bass lines or the stunningly honest lyric writing.

Hoofa’s strong debut release just proves that this is definitely not the last time those rich baselines and catchy choruses will be gracing our ears - which might just be the best news I’ve heard all week.

Words by Jordan Logan