Archie Faulks - 'It Rains'


For those who dare to play Russian roulette with their heart, Archie Faulks' new song 'It Rains', is the perfect accompaniment to those who have played and lost.


'It Rains' is the debut single from Faulks, released on the same day that he played to a sold out Servant Jazz Quarters in London on the 4th September. While this may be a debut single, Archie Faulks in no newcomer to the music scene. He first won me over back in 2015 when he went by the name Tenterhook, with his endearing and tear evoking single London Heart. What drew me in back then was the emotion that he brought to a song, not only with that voice but with the lyrics and the musicianship too, with many tracks building to a wonderful, climatic crescendo.

Faulks reintroduced himself to the world as a solo artist by going on tour with Isaac Gracie in Europe earlier in the year. So this new single has been a wonderful suprise that's been a long time coming for all those Tenterhook fans, and I am so thrilled to be able to share it with potential new listeners.

'It Rains', despite the lack of the aforementioned crescendo, is a joy to listen to, unless of course you have just had your heart broken that is, then perhaps give it a miss or get the tissues and just cry it all out (definitely an advocate for this option).

Faulks explains the track:

“I wrote ‘It Rains’ about a dying but once great relationship. All we do now is fight and get back together again; with the memories of the glory days being the only thing bringing us back to each other. The song is the realisation of this but wanting to retreat to 'our place' and cling on for a few more days in the vague hope that we can regain an element of the past and not let us be washed away by the flood.”

A beautiful song isn't complete without a beautiful video to accompany it.

He continues:“For the video we wanted something that reflected the song’s feel. Smooth, understated and introspective. Theo, the director, used a combination of 16mm film and digital shots to create a warm aesthetic throughout.”

So if you are a sucker for emotional, orchestral, acoustic love songs song by a humble soul then make sure you grab a ticket to Archie Faulks' next headline show at St Pancras Old Church on 12th November.

Words by Rachel Prew