Hypophora - 'Smiling (Numb)'


Post-hardcore four piece from Devon, Hypophora are showing their diversity with new single, Smiling (Numb)

‘Smiling (Numb)’ starts off very jazzy, with elements of that classic Massive Attack trip-hop sound, where if it is allowed to go on for long enough, it takes you into a cathartic state. Katie McConnell’s breathy voice acts as an almost guided meditation, repeatedly telling you to breathe in, whilst being carried by colourful and atmospheric guitars, that shred away in the background.

If you are familiar with Hypophora’s usual post-hardcore sound, then ‘Smiling (Numb)’ will seem as though it is actually an outro to a song like ‘Spires’ which was released a few months ago. The versatility of McConnell’s voice allows Hypophora to transcend many different styles of music. Guitarist and vocalist, Karum Cooper says of the single; “Smiling is by far the most divergent track from the debut album.”

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly

Hypophora release their debut album, ‘Douse’ on 21st September via Easy Action/Zen Ten Records.