RALPH - 'Weather'

Toronto's RALPH reflects on whether a summer love can last through the changing of seasons in scorching new single, Weather.

It was only recently I was talking about RALPH in a review of the new Tanners EP as I had actually been playing RALPH's new single 'Weather' in my personal time before being asked to review it! 'Weather' is a fun and flirty blend of upbeat disco pop that captures the last flickers of summer in its warm and rippling textures, while fittingly also feels crisp and fresh in its production as it ponders what Autumn might bring for two lovers. 

“It’s about the feeling you get when September rolls around - it’s still warm, but the nights are getting chilly and the parties are winding down, Your casual fling starts feeling serious and you start wondering if it was a seasonal crush or if it’s something bigger."

'Weather' is the the final release ahead of RALPH's debut album, A Good Girl' due out on September 28 with 604 Records. Once you're hooked, RALPH's addictive vocal, and satisfying blend of 80s synth, modern production and disco influences will always have you coming back for more. 

Words of Karla Harris