Ricky Lorimer - 'No Worry'

Northern Irish singer songwriter Ricky Lorimer releases uplifting folk song, ‘No Worry’.

Ricky Lorimer
kicked off this year with the release of his debut EP, ‘Traveller’ which consists of 4 beautifully crafted acoustic guitar-led songs that saw the EP reach number one in the UK & Ireland singer songwriter charts. ‘No Worry sees Lorimer return channeling the same authenticity and rawness but delivering an even more impassioned performance.

’No Worry’ opens gently with intricate acoustic guitar-work and foot stomping percussion. Lorimer’s strong and gruff country folk vocal is reassuring and comforting as Lorimer takes on themes of worry and fear and optimistically encourages the idea of not letting these things consume us. As Lorimer lays his burdens down and holds on to hope, his listener is also encouraged to do so.

Lorimer switches up the tempo for the second half of the song, as he sings, “So why do you worry about what could be? Make your own moments, make your own memories” and the song grows from strength to strength but sonically and thematically as Lorimer bellows, “Fear doesn’t own me now”. This is Ricky Lorimer’s most inspiring and arguably, most formidable, song to date.

Words of Karla Harris