Only Yours - 'Doubts'

Photo credit - Cory Vanderploeg / @coryphoto

Photo credit - Cory Vanderploeg / @coryphoto

Toronto-based four-piece Only Yours release emotionally charged and rousing indie anthem, ‘Doubts’.

Composed of brooding yet pulsating atmospheric arrangements and led singer Lowell Sostomi's gorgeous baritone vocal, ’Doubts’ sees Only Yours hitting out with perhaps their most polished, high energy and emotional track to date. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming full length album which thematically tackles issues of self-reflection and existing in an overwhelming time.

”'Doubts' is that endless pause of silence right after you spill your guts out to someone in the heat of the moment. The subsequent vulnerability of having all of your cards on the table and feeling the pit in your stomach knowing you can't take it back. Reckless and regrettable because everything as of that exact second has changed.”

‘Doubts’ hooks its listener in from the get-go with its heartfelt melodies, aching lyrics, contemporary vocal melody and 80s nostalgia. In fact, if you stripped the song completely back and slowed it down a little, the atmosphere reminded me of that beautiful romantic melancholia that sits at the back of one of my favourite songs - U2’s ‘With or Without You’.

‘Doubts’ however, stands on its own merits and is one of those punchy and intelligently crafted tracks that feels almost cathartic in its vulnerability. This song is exactly what the repeat button was created for.

Words of Karla Harris