Puppy - 'Bathe in Blood'

Photo Credit: Georgia Rawson

Photo Credit: Georgia Rawson

Puppy are a band that almost defy being put into boxes. There is a kind of juxtaposition with their sound, that takes chunky bass lines and thrashing drums with heavy metal riffs and then throws in some soft melodic vocals. Puppy are reminiscent of all your favourite bands of the 90’s but are as original as they come.

‘Bathe in Blood’ is the latest cut from Puppy’s upcoming debut album, 'The Goat'. It is filled with shredding white-noise guitar riffs that is signature of Deftones, as well as ever-so-subtly-distant vocals, that has Billy Corgan written all over it. Whilst there are elements of familiar sounds within the song, there is something about Puppy that makes them stand out from anything new that I have listened to, recently. The song itself is very well produced and the sheer emotional wall of sound that comes through just three musicians, is quite stunning.

Puppy take you for a ride, in ‘Bathe in Blood’. Whilst the song is only a little bit over 3 minutes long, it feels much longer; which is in no way a bad thing. “You bathe in blood forever more, broken inside, as they watch you die.” The word ‘eternal’ dances around in my mind as I listen to the song on repeat. There is an infinite and timeless quality that is being portrayed here, and it is something that should not be taken lightly.

Puppy’s highly anticipated debut album ‘The Goat’ will be released on 25thJanuary via Spinefarm Records.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly