TOY - 'Mechanism'


TOY are one of those band who instantly strike you with their ethereal sound, that doesn’t feel of its time. Mixing psychedelia with shoegaze and electronic music allows most of TOY’s songs to feel like they are each a picturesque soundtrack within their own right.

‘Mechanism’ is the latest single to be released from their upcoming album ‘Happy in the Hollow’. This will be the first album that has been fully produced by the band and subsequently, this has allowed them to be a little bit more experimental and confident in their sound. Unlike ‘Sequence One’, with its dizzying bass line and kaleidoscopic synths, that aurally describes the feeling of walking home after one of the best nights out of your life, ‘Mechanism’ is a follow up to that feeling: watching the sun rise and not wanting to let the moment end, as you’re so full of warmth of happiness.

There is an air of pure, unadulterated lightness and hope that TOY capture so well; a simple 2/4 beat allows the trippy instruments to be the focus, with dream-like vocals carrying the song one step further. By seemingly keeping all parts of production as simple as possible, it allows the prospect of layering sounds and intricate finger work to create an impenetrable wall of sound where you can really feel the skill and effort that the band have put into the song. There is also an accompanying video to go with ‘Mechanism’ which is a combination of old video clips, going through the timeline of industrial progression, with snippets of nature and birds, to soften it at little bit.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly

TOY’s upcoming album ‘Happy in the Hollow’ will be released on 25th January via Tough Love Records.