Album Review: Alice Merton - 'Mint'

Photo Credit: Sarah Koester

Photo Credit: Sarah Koester

Alice Merton’s much anticipated debut album doesn’t only live up to the expectations created for its self by her autonomously released single, ‘No Roots’ that launched her career into the spotlight in December 2016 but in my opinion it surpasses them.

I remember hearing ‘No Roots’ on the radio whilst driving and instantly turning it up, seduced by the bass beat and intrigued by the lyrics that symbolise an important ideal of today. This singer/songwriter instantly portrayed a worldliness that is not typical of much uk pop. Reflected in her lyrics is Merton’s multiculturalism, the Canadian, Berlin based UK songstress‘ lyrics suggest an independence from nationalism. This independence is also seen in her production of ‘MINT’. Merton not only wrote and recorded the album herself but also set up a record label called Paper Planes Records in order to release her debut album. If that isn’t the epitome of independence then I don’t know what is. 

This coupled with her powerful, heart-wrenching lyrics that are reminiscent of youth, especially in ‘Why so serious’ which seems to be questioning the solemnity of childhood, perhaps using the medium of a song as form of writing to a young Alice, and consequently her fan base. Advising the youth to “not be so cautious” because in the end mistakes lead to lessons learnt. This empowering song could be summed up in the line “Try to learn to let go of all those things that tie you down”, a sentiment that I know I need to try to live by more. 

Merton’s debut album filled me with a sense of freedom when I listened to it, perhaps due to the themes of feminist empowerment or simply the energetic bass that permeates the album. But whatever the reason, I would highly recommend giving it a listen when it is released on the 18th January 2019. Because her debut album which I hope will be the first of many is a testament to Merton’s autobiographical writing and inspiring female independence that is reflective of her refreshing introduction into the music world.

Words by Juno Harley Davies

Catch Alice Merton at the following live dates this March -

17-Mar - Bristol, Thekla

18-Mar - Leeds, The Wardrobe

19-Mar - Manchester, Manchester Academy 2

22-Mar - Glasgow, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut

24-Mar - London, Scala