Sigrid - 'Don't Feel Like Crying'


Sigrid continues her hot streak of excellent singles with her latest track ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’.

The BBC Sound of 2018 winner offers the latest look into her highly-anticipated debut album, ‘Sucker Punch’ with the young Norwegian artist crafting a heartbreak anthem that wouldn’t be out of place on a dancefloor.

I felt a Robyn ‘Dancing on My Own’ influence almost instantaneously, with the synths and catchy, anthemic chorus making it one of a rare breed of upbeat breakup songs. This track is brilliantly layered, on the surface showing the young lyricist as a strong character who will dance away the heartbreak and refusing to conform “I know I should be ordering takeout, sitting on my couch — that’s what you do.”

But scratching the surface you see through the front and see someone who is postponing heartbreak as long as she can. ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’ is her most honest and accessible song yet.

Words by Danial Kennedy

‘Sucker Punch’, Sigrid’s debut album is due for release on March 1st.