Emilie Kahn - 'Will You?'

Emilie Kahn gives us another teaser from her upcoming EP ‘Outro’ in morbid yet entrancing new cut, ‘Will You?’.

Emilie Kahn has shed the illusion of being a double act (she previously performed under the slightly kitsch moniker Emilie & Ogden, Ogden is the name of her harp) and with new single ‘Will You?’ beckons in a new chapter The warped layers and Kahn’s enchanting off kilter soprano are reminiscent of Pixx’s particular brand of electro pop. Both artists share a knack for pop sensibilities combined with a predisposition to subvert the expectations contained within them.

The gloriously esoteric intro of ‘Will You?’ soon merges into synth and beats, feeling as if it could jump into a Flume-worthy drop at any moment. Instead it avoids that kind of cliché sound (although it’s not too difficult to imagine a remix hitting the spot), preferring to whir along under its own steam.

The lyrics paint a picture of someone physically falling apart, perhaps nodding towards ageing or illness and is a plea to a loved one to take care of them and stick by them. Opening line, “my hands don’t work so well no more” hangs enticingly over jagged synths, before Kahn makes a pretty intense request in the chorus - “will you take care of me when I’m dying”. Though lyrically morbid, it never slips into the melodramatic and overall the track is an entrancing exploration of dependency and desire.

Words of Hattie Long

Emilie Kahn’s forthcoming EP ’Outro’ is due out February 22nd via
Secret City Records and it is available to pre-order, here .