Anteros - 'Drive On'


Just two months away from their debut album drop, London based band Anteros have treated us to yet another new track from ‘When We Land’.  

The atmosphere of ‘Drive On’ is no different to any other Anteros song, giving us their classic feel good, summer vibes. Following on from the incredible ‘Fool Moon’ and the funky ‘Ordinary Girl’, this is a tune that makes you just want to get up on your feet and dance. From experiencing this band live seven times already, I can expect ‘Drive On’ to be a fan-favorite at their shows. 

Anteros’ leading lady Laura Hayden took inspiration from the current issue of ocean plastic waste, specifically the Great Pacific garbage patch, to shape the lyrics of the new single. She said: “‘Drive On’ came days after reading about the Great Pacific garbage patch - a floating island of garbage which is estimated to be twice the size of Texas. This is happening everywhere, all over the world. Recent reports claim there are an estimated 150 million metric tons of plastic circulating in our oceans. We contribute to the deterioration of our planet every day by littering and using non-biodegradable materials, resulting in around 8 million metric tons of plastic ending up in our oceans per year. In a world where 70% of the earth’s surface is water - and 97% of all the water on earth comes from the ocean - this is unsustainable. Attention: this is not a drill.”

The brilliance of this band is that they have managed to use this hard-hitting topical matter to create this groovy, summery tune with an infectious rhythm. Beginning with a heavy riff and drum beat, it transitions into Hayden’s powerful vocals and its truly contagious chorus, ‘it feels like heaven but it looks like hell’. The drum beat is consistent throughout the track, and just as you think the music is going to fade out, the beat returns stronger than ever. 

Words by Jess Foster

If you are hooked on ‘Drive On’ as I am, you can catch it live at Anteros’ newest, and biggest headline tour to date. 

07 Norwich, Waterfront Studio
08 Southampton, Joiners
09 London, Scala
11 Birmingham, Mama Rouxs
12 Leicester, Dryden Street Social
13 Liverpool, Arts Club Loft
15 Glasgow, Stereo
16 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Cluny
17 Manchester, Gorilla
19 Nottingham, Bodega
20 Leeds, Key Club