EP Review: FUR - 'FUR' EP

Photo credit: Julia Nala

Photo credit: Julia Nala

FUR go from strength to strength in their new self-titled EP.

FUR’s new EP is a pleasure to listen to. It’s 60s influence and feel good vibe is what we need with all the chaos that is ensuing in the world right now. First track ‘All My Dreams’ opens with a waltz fairground-like melody followed by Murray’s distinctive Bob Dylan/Alex Turner sounding vocals. It’s dreamy, as the title suggests, but there is a certain poignancy as Murray hits those high and long notes in the chorus.

‘Where Did All the People Go?’ is the strongest and most interesting track. It’s a powerful and anthem, and I can already picture a sell-out crowd singing along with everything they have got. ‘Love Song for No One’ closes the EP. It’s an acoustic number and the reverb on the vocals create a hauntingly beautiful quality to it. Murray’s ‘ooo’s’ are like the heart-breaking howls of a lost wolf in the distance.

The FUR EP includes the previously released singles ‘Angel Eyes’ – a driving and energetic track that already sounds like a modern classic in its 60s pop rock/00s indie sound; and ‘Him and Her’ – a great track that I have already had the pleasure to review for this magazine.

This EP proves that FUR are not a one hit wonder band that can only produce pop songs. They are intelligent and masters of song writing, and they can only get better with each release.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst